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English Coonhound

The American English Coonhound shares a common ancestry with all the other coonhounds (except for the Plott hound) where it can be traced back to the Foxhound breed of Europe. The breed developed from 'Virginia Hounds', which were developed over time from dogs imported to the United States by Robert Brooke, Thomas Walker and the first President of the United StatesGeorge Washington. The terrain here was much rougher than what they were used to, so the breed was specifically bred over time to better adapt to these new conditions. The American English is also known as the Redtick Coonhound and as the English Coonhound. The breed's first recognition came from the United Kennel Club in 1905 as the English Fox and Coonhound. The AKC recognized the breed in 2011. 

It was traditionally used to hunt raccoons by night and the American red fox by day.

Since Colonial times, the American English has been immensely popular among the tight fraternity of coon hunters. Today’s American English is considered by some experts as the fastest of the coonhound breeds. The breed has a high prey drive and excellent tracking and treeing abilities. They are agile, possess great endurance, and have the unique ability to climb trees. 

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