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Black & Tan Coonhound

The Black & Tan Coonhound is an American made breed. When settlers came to America, there was ab abundant of raccoons and they were soon reliant on Raccoons for their hide, fat and meat. At the time there was the foxhound, but it was not bred to hunt raccoons; they were bred to chase fox. So they got creative by crossing some European hounds (Talbot hound, bloodhound and foxhound) to create the Black & Tan Coonhound; a determined dog with excellent trailing abilities. One of the earliest Coonhound enthusiasts was Mr. Daniel Boone, a legendary explorer and huntsman. Mr. Boone's dog "Kentucky" became a hub of coonhound breeding.

In 1945, the Black & Tan Coonhound became the first coonhound registered with the AKC. Today there are 6 types of coonhounds, but only the Black & Tan is recognized in Canada (CKC). The other hounds in the coonhound family are the Plott, Treeing Walker, Bluetick, Red Bone, and English.

The Black & Tan is a very loving and friendly breed, that requires lots of exercise and a fenced area to keep them from following their noses. They are good with children and love affection from their people. Because of their breeding for night hunting, their nose is very powerful and one of the strongest in the world. 

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